ARPHO was born in 2010 in order to promote the professionalism of the trade and promote the work of its partners through constant proposed activities.



ARPHO has the main objective of promoting the activities of concrete repair, protection and reinforcement.



  • Promoting business relating to the proper repair, reinforcement and protection of concrete buildings and structures, requiring the highest levels of safety, quality and integrity.
  • To represent, defend and promote the economic, social and professional guild and its partners, as a collective.
  • To organize and promote activities and common services of interest to members.
  • To ensure fair competition in the trade and the protection of members against professional intrusion situations.
  • To seek advice and training on prevention of occupational hazards and regulations regarding the repair, reinforcement and protection of concrete.
  • To represent institutionally the guild concrete to communicate with government agencies.
  • To maintain relationships and collaborate with institutions at provincial, regional, national, European or international, representing interests that affect the association’s own or its partners.


Benefits of being a member

  • To receive the latest information about the decontamination industry (legislation, etc)
  • Ability to participate in related standardization committees.
  • Participation in the governing bodies of the association with voice and vote.
  • Participation in the activities of the association and others where ARPHO collaborates.
  • Meeting with directors and the decision–makers of the main companies and institutions of the industry.
  • Identification seal as a company member of ARPHO.
  • Own page in the directory of the association, on the website and in other media.
  • Free presence at fairs and other events.
  • Technical and legal advice on these activities.
  • Promotion through press releases, newsletters, social networks and other platforms.
  • Support by the permanent secretariat of the association.


Membership is open to contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, engineers and other relates companies.

In addition to representing its members, the association maintains close partnerships with different kind of entities.


For any queries you may have you can contact the Secretariat of the association.